Semiconductors, gigafactories, batteries, Europe is behind

Watch on FRANCE 24 an interview of David Cousquer with Laïdi Ali, about some data of our report on the world industry 2022.

The report was distributed to our customers last December, and was produced with the support of our partners FivesMcKinsey & Company and theINSTITUT DE LA REINDUSTRIALISATION.

The questions concern the European delay in four sectors: batteries, semiconductors, hydrogen and gigafactories.


In each of these sectors, the European position is different.

It can be seen on two axes: Europe as a land of production and Europe as a point of origin for investments.

  • The first axis determines the future of the European territory, the jobs and the added value that will be located there.
  • The second axis determines the role that European companies will play, whether by producing locally or outside Europe, in Asia, Africa, America, etc.

The position in each of the sectors is very different:

  • In the battery sector, the position of the European territory is average (in % of the amounts invested in the sector at the global level between 2016 and 2022) but the companies in the sector are often non-European;
  • In hydrogen, the situation is somewhat symmetrical: the European territory is small, but European companies are quite strong at the global level.
  • In semiconductors, Europe is poorly positioned as a host territory and as a source of investment.

In megaprojects, the situation is quite similar: while Europe is well positioned in R&D, it neglects scaling up in its local production and only obtains a very small percentage of global gigafactories. At the European level, the positioning is similar to that of France, although slightly less pronounced: niche positions that can be solid, but a delay in mass production.


This is part of our contribution to the debate on the French and European industrial backwardness, and we hope that these data will contribute to an awareness !


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