Every day, in the investments published online, almost 500 new jobs are announced - for France. The information is published well in advance of the job offers published by the companies. Our analysts monitor and classify these announcements by company, sector and territory - more than 30 fields are filled in for each information. Throughout the day, this information is added to the more than 80,000 data collected since 2009.


Our analysts also track other employment and investment events, such as fund-raising, investment in machinery or buildings, as well as job losses and site closures.

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Use cases

Anticipate recruitment

Investments are announced long before the job advertisements are published. With our investment announcement tracking you can anticipate future recruitment.

Conduct labour market analyses

To estimate the local demand for skills, the availability of our long series data facilitates sectoral analysis of an employment area, the identification of structuring local companies and sectors in tension.

Obtain information on sites undergoing reconversion

To intervene in site conversion issues, for training or redeployment, you can follow the employment alerts (receivership, site closure, union alerts, etc.) that we identify on a daily basis.

Identify the employers of tomorrow

In all sectors and all regions, companies are growing year after year and are still unknown. It's a shame to miss out on opportunities by not using our data.

Analyse a sector in three clicks

Our database allows the user to easily analyse the components of a sector (main recruiters, major investments, recruitment dynamics, main territories...)


Customise your alerts

Once you have defined your areas of interest (recruitment of more than 50 or 200 jobs, sector, territory, company, fund raising, relocations, etc., or a combination of these criteria), register a profile and receive all the new publications in your mailbox.  A personalised watch in a few clicks - an initial training course enables you to optimise your searches).

Create online charts and maps

Create graphs showing the distribution of job creation and suppression, investments; this by region, sector, period... Also get maps of France and world maps.

Get a trend report in thirty seconds

Upstream of your strategic decisions, our data instantly provides an initial assessment of the situation: temporal evolution of jobs and investments in the chosen territory or sector, main announcements, with up-to-date data. A document that can be exported in Word or PDF in three clicks. Unbeatable value for money as a decision-making tool.

Export the data

For more advanced analyses, or to cross-reference Trendeo data with other sources, exporting our data is possible, as an option. This allows you to rework the data in a spreadsheet, a business intelligence tool or other third-party software.

Integrate our data into an intranet or other web service

The Trendeo API makes it easy to use our data in an intranet or website open to the public, to enrich internal databases, a business intelligence platform or CRM, or to offer a news and monitoring service.

Buy raw or interpreted data

Do you just need data on a one-off basis? We can provide you with our raw data in the form of a file, or enriched with customised analyses, to be defined beforehand.

Customer cases

Adecco integrates our data in an application dedicated to the monitoring of local employment markets.
Randstad carries out internal studies, particularly on emerging industries and activities, using Trendeo data.
Trendeo's data are integrated into an intranet used by the Agency's advisors.

Press and Publications

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