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What is unique about Trendeo data is the ability to move from aggregate data, by sector or territory, to microeconomic information attached to companies. Our data is updated daily by our teams. Our data is correlated with INSEE data (link to blog post). This allows us to carry out in-depth sectoral or territorial studies, informed by the availability of information on the main companies concerned.

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Use cases

Analyse a sector at the global level

We offer a unique insight into a sector's investments at a global level, to analyse the latest trends in manufacturing investment, R&D, logistics...

Study location strategies

Choosing the location of a new site requires a good vision of the location of competitors, customers, suppliers, etc. Our data helps to clarify these choices in order to avoid sites that are saturated with investment or under pressure and to select the best opportunities.

Characterise a market

Thanks to our multiple levels of sectoral analysis (NAF or ISIC codes by branch, sector, product, type of production), identify new entrants in a sector, innovative start-ups, competitors abroad, R&D projects, etc. We provide you with qualitative and quantitative elements to enrich your studies.

Produce dashboards

Build dashboards to make the activity of a territory or a sector visible: dynamics over a long period, immediate news, figures in terms of jobs and amounts invested, main operations.

Carry out panel analyses

The integration in our database of a panel in the form of a list of companies (members, reference portfolio, etc.) makes it possible to monitor the current status of this panel (in terms of amounts invested and jobs created) and to compare its relative performance.


Create your alerts

Define your areas of interest (sector, territory, company, fundraising, relocations, etc., or a combination of these criteria), then save the corresponding request to receive all new information by e-mail. A personalised watch in a few clicks. An initial training session allows you to set up your first searches.

Create charts and maps

Trendeo's databases allow you to create graphs breaking down job creation and destruction, investments, by region, sector, period or other criteria... Maps of France and world maps are available online.

Instant trend reports

For your strategic decisions, our databases provide an instant overview: temporal evolution of jobs and investments in the chosen territory or sector, main recruitment or dismissal operations, with up-to-date data. A document that can be exported in Word or PDF format in three clicks. We thus offer, with an unbeatable quality/price ratio, a powerful decision-making tool.

Select or build indicators

Factory openings and closures, relocations, offshoring, number of investment projects per territory, amount of fundraising: select or create indicators that are easy to communicate and evocative.

Exportable data

To facilitate more in-depth analyses and to enrich Trendeo data with other sources, our data can be exported - as an option. It is therefore possible to rework our data in a spreadsheet, a BI tool or other third-party software.

Connect our data to an intranet or other web service

Via our API our data can be integrated into an intranet or a website open to the public. A simple way to enrich internal databases, an intranet or a CRM, and thus offer a monitoring and news service.

From raw data to dedicated analysis reports

Subscribing to our databases is not the only way to access our information. For a specific data need, we can provide you with raw data in the form of a file, or analyses that can be ordered à la carte, priced on quotation.

Our clients include

Analyses the French labour and investment market for internal research purposes.
Our data are used by Enterprise Directorate for integration in various analysis notes and notably the dynamics of investment.
« Trendeo has put in place very well designed business intelligence tools. We particularly appreciate the wealth of information they provide, its freshness, as well as the expertise and availability of their teams. »
Cevan Torossian. Partner, Director of Studies and Research ARTHUR LOYD FRANCE

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