Decoding the news to better anticipate

Every day, hundreds of articles announce news about employment and investment. This information evaporates and one news item chases another. Why wait for late analyses to make strategic decisions?


By capitalising on current events, Trendeo offers you the opportunity to anticipate and stay ahead of your competitors.

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An initial training allows you to optimize your use of the database and to set up relevant alerts.
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Trendeo was created in 2007 with the intention of creating value-added data from a systematic collection of information available online.


The French Employment and Investment Observatory was launched in 2009, to collect information on job creation and destruction in France, across all sectors of activity.

Since then, other strong signals have been added to our information: capital investments, fundraising, changes in shareholders. The information is qualified by numerous descriptors (jobs created or eliminated, amount invested, SIRET, company size), with new details added to further facilitate the work of our users (identification of projects related to sustainable development, Usine du Futur investments, monitoring of the automotive and aeronautics sectors).

Data correlated with official statistics

Since 2009, we have observed a good correlation between our data and the quarterly employment data from INSEE, a sign of the capacity of our information to reproduce in real time the major trends in the economy, with inputs that are both micro (company decisions) and macro (aggregation of these results in real time, by sector or territory).


Since 2009, more than 80,000 pieces of information have been made available to our subscribers or can be marketed as files.

Global data

In 2016, with the support of sponsors such as EDF, Fives and the Institut de la réindustrialisation, we created a database to monitor global industrial investment (manufacturing, logistics, R&D, energy production and distribution, data centres, etc.).


This allows us to follow the industrial strategies of the major groups, to identify growth sectors, to read the trends in global R&D...

More than 25,000 items of information are available to subscribers to this second database, or, once again, can be sold in the form of files.


This global database is intended to become increasingly precise, and will gradually include the monitoring of job losses and investments in the services sector.

Since 2009, Trendeo has been recognised as a benchmark for indicators such as factory openings and closures, relocations, fundraising, etc.

Our clients use this data to identify business opportunities and for marketing studies (territorial benchmarking, sector dynamics, identification of emerging sectors, etc.).


Our data is also increasingly used for qualitative approaches to investment quality, and in particular to take into account criteria related to socially responsible investment (SRI), or as additional indicators to help decision-making in the financial sector (alternative data).