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Sustainable finance and Fintech

professionsfinancieres.com8 August 2022

"several levers are available to corporate financiers. [...] Last but not least, a third lever concerns indicators: accounting (Compta Durable) or investment (Trendeo) to support the decisions of financial management."

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Olivier Sichel (Managing Director, Banque des Territoires): "Re-industrialisation is well and truly underway".

challenges.fr7 August 2022

Is there really a trend reversal?

Studies, notably that of Trendeo, show the reality of this reindustrialisation. It's not yet won, but the presidencies of the regions are very involved in this industrial revival. And, with the State and the France 2030 plan on the return of nuclear power, batteries, electric vehicles, etc., the political signals are coherent.

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Relocation, a multifaceted phenomenon

latribune.fr5 August 2022

In fact, in its study published yesterday, the Trendeo consultancy notes a global trend towards the relocation of industries, which it has seen emerge as investment returns to its pre-Covid crisis level in 2021.

But the Trendeo study describes a multifaceted phenomenon with the shortening of supply chains and the increasing robotisation of the logistics apparatus.

Finally, this study shows that in France, the trend towards relocation benefits mainly SMEs.

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Industrial investment worldwide fell by 34% with the pandemic

Usine Nouvelle4 August 2022

According to Trendeo data, the Covid pandemic has dented the dynamics of industrial investment worldwide. This global fall masks very different realities with some sectors in a very strong retreat and others such as manufacturers limiting the damage with an increased demand for certain products. In any case, after 18 months, the recovery is here.

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