The Monthly Global Investment Scoreboard

News on global investment in industry (manufacturing, energy production and distribution, R&D and logistics).

January 2024

Our tracking of the most important industrial projects in January is dominated by investments in the automotive sector amounting to USD 20.3 billion.

Largest investment in terms of amount

The biggest investment of the month, was announced by Honda Motor, planning to invest USD 13.8 billion to set up a new EV manufacturing plant, with battery production, in Canada.

Other investor sectors

Last month was also marked by investments in the electricity and gas sector , including 5 hydroelectricity production projects in India totalling USD 3.6 billion. Additionally, there were investments in the basic metals sector totalling USD 8.2 billion and in the electrical equipment sector  totalling USD 6 billion.

On the other hand, there were also 17 new projects in the food sector, 9 projects in chemistry, and 8 in machinery.

The project with the most job creation

The most job-creating project is Surjagad Ispat’s planned new integrated steel plant in Gadchiroli District, Maharashtra (India), with 8,000 jobs expected to be created.

Best Industry of the Future score

The best project according to our "Factories of the future" rating is the ion implantation technology (material processing) supplier Axcelis Technologies’ new distribution and order processing center in the United States 🇺🇸. The state-of-the-art facility is designed to optimize the company’s logistics and warehouse operations, while providing flex capacity for the company’s manufacturing operations to support its growth.

The facility features the latest technologies, such as AI-driven autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and innovative enterprise-level warehouse automation to provide significant efficiency, as well as improve material handling and flow to Axcelis’ operations. In addition, the logistics center includes several energy and employee-friendly amenities including EV charging stations, utilization of U.S. EPA Energy Star-rated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment, and all LED lighting with advanced motion sensors.

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