The Monthly Global Investment Scoreboard

News on global investment in industry (manufacturing, energy production and distribution, R&D and logistics).

June 2023

Our tracking of the most important industrial projects in June is dominated by investments in the electricity and gas sector totalling USD 15,9 billion, including the biggest investment of the month,


...the biggest investment of the month, which was announced by OCP Group, which is investing USD 7 billion to set up a new green ammonia plant in Tarfaya (Morocco).
Last month was also marked by investments in the electrical equipment sector, with 3 new battery plant projects in Vietnam worth USD 1,2 billion, also in the electronics sector, with a total of USD 11.8 billion of investments, and in basic metals, with a total of USD 7 billion of investments. Last month was also marked by investments in the electronics sector, with a total of USD 11.8 billion, and in basic metallurgy, with a total of USD 7 billion.
On the other hand, there were also 11 new projects in the automotive sector, 10 in chemicals, 6 projects in pharmaceuticals and 4 in agri-foods.

Job creation

The most job-creating project is the new semiconductor assembly and test facility of Intel Corporation near Wroclaw in Poland, with 3,000 jobs expected to be created.

Future Factory Score

The best project according to our Usine du Futur rating is the new brewery of the Tanzanian subsidiary of the Belgian Anheuser-Busch group, AB InBev. This plant will produce 12,000 metric tons (MT) in its first phase.
The plant will stimulate the agricultural sector by increasing local barley purchases from 5,000 tonnes to 12,000 tonnes, and then to 32,000 tonnes over a five-year period once the plant is completed. The construction phase of the megaproject will provide direct employment for around 70 people, 80% of them Tanzanians. The plant is designed as an all-in-one malting solution, with RimoMalt technology at its heart. RimoMalt is a fully modular, standardized malting technology developed by Swiss equipment manufacturer B├╝hler Group. This flexibility of production technology will enable TBL to develop its business efficiently and meet the growing demand for its products.

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