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Our unique solution increases your ability to anticipate and make decisions, thanks to a real-time monitoring of companies and their impact on employment and on territories.

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Solar projects in India

Emmanuel Macron and Narendra Modi will attend the first International Solar Alliance summit on march the 11th. We have selected, for this occasion, solar investment projects tracked by our Industries…

Our vision

We have put in place an increasingly precise monitoring of the French economy, and we are gradually extending it to the world economy.


Creation of Trendeo
The intention is to create value-added data from a systematic collection of information available online.

Since 2009

Recognized indicators
Trendeo is recognized as a reference for indicators such as plant openings and closures, relocations and relocations, fund raising... more than 80 000 economic decisions recorded in France.


Global data
Creation of a database to track global industrial investment (manufacturing, logistics, R&D, energy production and distribution, data centers...). 25 000 investment decisions collected globally.

« Integrated into our monitoring system, Trendeo is a great help to us in getting to know the companies in the region and their activities. The quality of the data and its fine structuring allow us to save a lot of time in our work and are therefore a real asset for the agency. »

Claire EA, Inward Invest Advisor Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Entreprises

« Fives has been alongside Trendeo since the idea was born to launch and develop the global barometer of industrial investments. Our initial contribution was in particular to define the 6 criteria allowing us to qualify investments in the factories of the future throughout the world and in all industrial sectors. For Fives, this tool represents a decisive step forward in monitoring the growth of investments in the factories of the future. It is also a sectoral and geographical leading indicator for targeting investment opportunities in our technologies and equipment. »

Marc Aouston, Strategy & Marketing director, Fives

"I have found companies that are likely to become members."

Professional Federation

"Our industry, we know, but your database allows us to track our customers and suppliers, in areas sometimes far from our own."

Multinational group in the field of chemistry

"We would like to thank you for sending us and allowing us to use the job advertisement data you had compiled. These allowed us to conduct a groundbreaking study on the link between job postings and recidivism among prison leavers in France, and we are very grateful."

University Professor