Alternative data allows financial information to be enriched with non-financial data. Annual accounts provide information that is difficult to obtain in quantitative terms about companies.


However, throughout the year, announcements of job creations, job cuts and capacity reductions, fund raising and other signals are valuable indicators. In addition, our qualitative approach to investments opens up a CSR approach to corporate strategies.


Finally, in addition to these signals at the company level, the aggregation of our data by sector gives a very clear signal on the economic situation, in real time.

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Use cases

Track fundraising

Seed, Series A, B and beyond, track fundraising announced throughout the year (over a thousand per year, and around €1 billion of funds raised). Our databases indicate the investors participating in the round, the main objectives linked to the fundraising... This allows you to identify, through a sectoral or geographical approach, startups that meet your investment criteria.

Identify the champions of employment

From a Social and Environmental Responsibility perspective, job creation is an increasingly important criterion, taken into account by many funds. Our data will help you select the groups with the most job-creating policies.

Access a qualitative assessment of investments

Companies and groups are setting CSR objectives, displayed in a global way. Our data, and in particular our Usine du Futur indicator, which includes social and environmental objectives, allows us to identify the companies that have the best practices in their investment policy.

Track information about your portfolio

Track strategic information about your portfolio on a daily basis. Negative decisions on employment, for example, are warning signals that are sent out well before the annual results. Similarly, a company that invests, commits to R&D projects or expands its production capacity is well on its way. The content of these announcements also provides information about the company's overall strategy.

Source your private equity investments

Identify among the growing SMEs or SMIs those that offer growth prospects, are positioned on promising markets or are successfully developing their business. Searches in our databases, by sector, country or keyword, facilitate this sourcing work.

Enrich your models with new data

Our data on net job creation and amounts invested are complementary indicators of the health of companies.


Track companies using their ISIC code

The integration of the ISIC code allows you to specifically track listed companies, both in our French data and in our global data.

Set up a monitoring service

Create an alert by defining criteria such as sector, territory, company, amount for a fundraising, etc., or a combination of these criteria. Once you have defined your search, save it and receive all the new information in your mailbox. A Trendeo analyst provides initial training so you can create your first alerts.

Get charts and maps

Our France and World databases create graphs and maps for you, breaking down job creations, job losses and investments by region, sector and time period. This is a great way to enrich a report or analysis with up-to-date figures.

Create a trend report

Prior to a decision, an appointment or a trip, our data offers an up-to-date overview: the evolution of jobs and investments in the chosen geographical area or sector, the main recent announcements... The document generated by our database, in France or worldwide, can be exported in Word or PDF format in three clicks. We thus offer a decision-making tool with unbeatable value for money.

Exportable data

Optionally, our data can be exported. For more complex analyses, to cross-reference Trendeo data with other sources, etc. To rework the data in a spreadsheet, a business intelligence tool or other third-party software.

Integrate our data into an intranet or other web service

The Trendeo API makes it easy to use our data in an intranet or website open to the public, to enrich internal databases, an intranet or CRM, or to offer a news and monitoring service.

Buy raw or interpreted data

Do you just need some data? We can provide you with our raw data in the form of a file, or enriched with customised analyses, to be defined beforehand.

Our clients

The managers of the Dynamic Jobs Integration fund ensure that the companies in the fund have a positive job creation track record.
The Innovation Department has set up a weekly monitoring of startups and fundraising based on the monitoring by Trendeo analysts.
Trendeo's analysts provided Bpifrance with an in-depth study of offshoring and relocation decisions in France.

Press and Publications

Le baromètre des marchés publics Île-de-France
Les Echos - 29 August 2022

Infographie des marchés publics en cours semaine du 29 aout 2022 et des créations d’emplois et de levées de fonds par des start-up franciliennes 2021-2022.

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Rapport d’impact du fonds Insertion Emplois Dynamique Troisième publication
Mirova - 1 October 2020

Les équipes de Mirova s’appuient sur une analyse multicritère permettant de définir une « Conviction Emploi » pour toutes les entreprises de l’univers d’investissement.

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