Our data

Our analysts extract relevant information on investment and employment from thousands of online sources, formatting it to aggregate it into readable trends.

The data monitored


Job creations and eliminations (5 jobs created or eliminated minimum), investments from 1 M€, fund raising, threats on employment, investment project leads, in all sectors... More than 80,000 data collected since 2009.


Industrial investments (manufacturing, R&D, logistics, energy production & distribution, call centres, etc.) with more than $30m of investment or 50 jobs created, worldwide. More than 25,000 Data collected since 2016.

Indicators collected

For each relevant information that falls within the scope of our databases, a descriptive sheet is drawn up by our analysts, with around thirty indicators.

Some indicators are quantitative: number of jobs created or eliminated, amount invested, land area, building area, quantities produced - some indicators are not systematically filled in.

The representativeness of the data

Our data are generally well correlated with the major trends in the economy.


For France, we observe a good correlation between our data and the quarterly INSEE data on job creation and destruction.

Comparison of INSEE (French national statistics) and Trendeo's data

Since 2009, we have observed a strong correlation private between jobs creation and suppression recorded by Trendeo and the statistics published by INSEE.

The levels are not the same (we do not track the evolution of temporary workers or of sectors made up of micro-businesses, such as the arts & craft industries), but the trends are closely correlated.

Number of announced investments and total CAPEX

Our ambition is to provide the same depth of observation at the global level as we offer for France now.

Our users already benefit from a very good visibility on global industrial CAPEX investment (manufacturing, energy, R&D, logistics, call centres...)

The Usine du Futur score

Six Usine du Futur criteria were defined with our partners, Fives, EDF and the Institut de la réindustrialisation, in 2016, when we created our global database.


The criteria were chosen to reflect all the dimensions of the transformation that global industry is undergoing: technological, environmental, social, societal...

The ability to switch from one product to another, allowing for customised manufacturing, for example in pharmaceuticals producing a drug in solid or liquid form, or changing the colour or patterns quickly, or customising production.
The introduction of technologies such as the Internet of Things, robotics, automation, 5G, wifi, online customisation. Environmental criteria are more closely linked to the fight against global warming.
Energy efficiency
Any measures taken to reduce energy consumption compared to usual standards.
Environmental efforts
Reduction of carbon footprint, reduction of pollution - smoke, water pollution, noise, water conservation... Finally, two criteria are more social and linked to the company's social responsibility.
Social efforts
Actions taken for employees, through working conditions, health and safety, training, education and remuneration...
Territorial efforts
Decisions aimed at improving the relationship between a production site and local communities and stakeholders, such as favouring local suppliers, financing schools, contributing to local social projects...

International development

We identify, in our French data, the information mentioning the company's willingness to export or to set up abroad.

Automotive and aeronautics sectors

In our French data, we group together within an aeronautics sector the companies that work for companies in the aeronautics sector: plastics manufacturers, metalworkers and other subcontractors. The same approach is adopted to identify the automotive sector.

Sustainable development

Since 2009, we have been identifying in our French data 22 sectors identified as sustainable: wind, solar, methanisation, organic food, biofuel, hydrogen, recycling, urban farms, etc.

Our data is available in several formats.

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