Employment and investment week in France

News on employment and investment in France (in French only).

Weeks 41 - October 7 to 13, 2023

This week, the Boulangerie Ange network is expanding strongly. We also focus on two industrial startups, Bon Vivant and HELIUP.

Investments and jobs announced

Boulangerie Ange has announced the creation of almost 700 new jobs in 2023 and 2024, with the expansion of production and sales outlets, and the creation of apprenticeship centers. NAVAL GROUP will also be creating several hundred jobs in Brest. Developments are also announced in services, with Comptastar, onepoint and HarfangLab. An investment of €1.5 million at Groupe Airwell, near Brest, will increase heat pump production capacity.

The best Usine du Futur score

This is Groupe Passion Automobiles' car dealership in Colmar. The group is constructing an energy-efficient building that will include a workshop dedicated to repairs. The roof will be covered with photovoltaic panels. Outside, two rainwater recovery tanks and electric vehicle recharging stations will be installed. A paving system will also be installed to permeabilize the exterior floors.

Job cuts, site closures

The NAF NAF brand, in reorganization, is to close 17 stores and shed almost 120 employees. The Nantes-based REALITES group illustrates the difficulties of the real estate sector, and will cut between 50 and 100 jobs. Several manufacturers are announcing job losses, including Labeyrie.


Swish, which deploys and manages recharging stations for electric vehicles, raised the largest amount, 47M€. CHARGEPOLY , which produces them, raised €15 million. The second-largest round, of €40 million, went to MECAWARE , which recycles batteries. HarfangLab , with 25 M€, will develop its business in the fight against cyber-attacks. Beyond Blue Aerospace Corporation creates a hydrogen-powered jet, the One, and raises €24 million. A further 25 M€ were raised to complete these projects...

Company of the week

Bon Vivant will produce "cultured milk" by combining cow DNA and nutritional yeast. A milk protein is then obtained. The company has just raised €15 million to prepare its transition to the industrial phase and initiate the regulatory approval process. HELIUP produces ultra-light solar panels for roofing industrial buildings and other large surfaces. The panels will be designed and manufactured in France.

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