Employment and investment week in France

News on employment and investment in France (in French only).

Week 5 - January 28 to February 3, 2023

An average week, but one that allows us to get into the rhythm of 2021. As is often the case, it is industrial investments that lead job creation, and sales outlets that are in difficulty...

Among the major job creations, we find a logistics site, and recruitments in urban transport, IT services, metallurgy, etc.

Few job cuts but two are in retail/points of sale: Pimkie, cop.copine Officiel and very likely job cuts to be expected at Yves Rocher.

The two main fundraisings of the week concerned very technological startups: The Exploration Company, in aeronautics/space (€40M), and GreenWaves Technologies, in semiconductors. Some twenty other funds were raised, including three in the field of cancer research.

The best "Factory of the Future" score of the week goes to Johann Dubois Chocolatier Breton. The company invests to automate its production but takes care to diversify the tasks of the operators, at the same time, installs solar panels, rainwater recovery, ...

Finally, we have chosen HEF Groupe as our company of the week. It will move into the industrialization phase for a product that has been in R&D for several years. The idea is to replace the bipolar gold/titanium plates with carbon/stainless steel plates. An investment in Saint-Étienne should enable HEF to produce from 2025, with 150 employees. The site will then be able to increase its capacity. In 2021, HEF announced that this technology would allow the production cost of a fuel cell to be divided by 50.

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