Employment and investment week in France

News on employment and investment in France (in French only).

Weeks 11 - March 9 to 15, 2024

The map speaks for itself this week: many negative decisions, few positive projects, a week in the worst 10% since 2009.

Investments and jobs announced

Two investments account for more than a third of the creations announced this week: that of SIS Manufacture de Maroquinerie, where 300 employees will eventually work for luxury leather goods, and the French Ministry of the Armed Forces, which will recruit 300 "defense" AI specialists. Other projects announced in services (ESN, engineering - Expleo Group,SOCOTEC,SEGULA Technologies), by startups ( SAAS OFFICE ), in logistics(SPI Group: SPI Services / SPI Logistic)...

The best Usine du Futur score

SPI Group: SPI Services / SPI Logistic achieves the highest Usine du Futur rating this week, with its €44 million investment in a logistics platform in the Ain plain. The site aims to achieve the Bream environmental standard at excellent grade. The packaging line will be fully automated, and two solar power plants will be installed, one on the roof and one on the parking lot shades. They will deliver 1.9 GWh and 2.7 GWh of annual production, and will be coupled with a storage system. "We will be self-consuming 90% of our electricity, and the surplus will supply the neighboring Blyes site (Ain).

Job cuts, site closures

On average, since 2009, every week we have recorded 3 negative decisions involving more than 100 jobs. Last week's figure was 8. The shutdown of Milee' s paper-based ad delivery business is the biggest job-cutting announcement. But there are also job losses at GE (in the wind power business), in social tourism(Touristra vacances), in retail, transport and packaging.


17 funds raised this week, for a total of €70 million. The largest round went to Lago (€20 million), which publishes an online payment and invoicing solution, SUBLIME Energie (€11 million), to develop its biogas liquefaction technology, and Docent (€5 million) to digitalize the art market. Other funds raised for software activities, as well as in industry and energy.

Company of the week

We chose Sylphaero, which is currently in the fund-raising phase. The Mérignac-based startup aims to develop the first 100% electric plasma turbojet engines for aviation, which will eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. Founded in 2021, Sylphaero began by developing a small prototype to prove the technical feasibility and performance of its engines. Sylphaero employs 4 people and is preparing to raise funds to recruit new staff. This will enable it to launch the development of a larger demonstrator and begin flight testing by the end of 2026.

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