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Our data is available in several formats, depending on your needs.

Subscriptions to our online databases

With a subscription, five users can access our data through multi-criteria searches on the entire database. It is also possible to define personalised alerts to receive daily or weekly information corresponding to your interests: fundraising in Alsace, SMEs in the automotive sector, threats to employment, new supermarkets and hypermarkets, etc.

An initial training session enables you to optimise your use of the database and to set up relevant alerts.

The Excel data export option allows you to export data in xls format, for use in a spreadsheet, a business intelligence tool such as Power BI, Tableau or other, cross-referencing with other data, integration into a local database, etc.

Data export à la carte

For a specific need, contact us to obtain the data corresponding to your needs within a day: global investment in the automotive industry since 2016, domestic investment in India in all sectors, British investment worldwide, fundraising of more than €5M since 2014 in France...

Data is invoiced by number of information, with a sliding scale of charges.

A la carte analysis

If you do not have the time to work on the data yourself, we can carry out an analysis of the dynamics of a territory, the main players in a sector or other customised analyses. We can also identify atypical sectors for you, which cannot be understood with the classic nomenclatures: luxury, new mobility, drones, etc.


Our analysts will carry out this work for you after a personalised estimate.

Use of our API

Data from any of our databases can be automatically integrated into an internal database, a general public website, a CRM, in a very flexible way.


Our API allows you to retrieve Trendeo data and update it as and when new publications are made.

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