"Industrial intelligence, not yet in industry?"

What's the current state of artificial intelligence in industry? We did a quick test in the Trendeo France database. Search by keyword "artificial intelligence" or "AI". Result: 647 items 👇🏻


◾Only 25 of the projects listed are in the industrial sector, i.e. 4% of the total;

These are either specialists in the field (Neurxcore) or industrial users (Haase Innovation);
◾ 398 companies active in this field or using AI, i.e. 62%, are startups;
◾ 44% of projects are located in Ile-de-France;
◾ 4 billion euros in funding have been raised through 344 rounds;
◾ The first project mentioning AI was recorded in 2010, with the peak of projects (122) registered in 2019. As of 2023, there are 76 projects;
◾ Nearly 14,000 jobs have been created in connection with these projects, with only 407 jobs being eliminated..

The chart above is extracted from our France database.


These data indicate that AI is still primarily concentrated in digital startups, which develop algorithms, and not yet widely adopted in companies from other sectors that use AI.


Our clients can access this data in three clicks within our database. The detailed file can be acquired upon request 🙂

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